Detroit techno icon Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric (who DJs with him as Floorplan) spoke with the Awakenings team about their special bond and the healing power of techno in a video interview published last week.

In the interview, Robert gushes about the pride he has for his 21-year-old daughter, who he says first got hooked on the Floorplan sound after hearing his 2013 album, Paradise.

“She brings a youthful exuberance to what I’m doing,” he say about their creative partnership. “I’m getting older, but she’s just a breath of fresh air, like fresh water.”

The interview also touched on Hood's faith, which he's long been open about, and can be heard in his music through gospel acapellas.

“We’re ministering a message of love, faith and hope," Hood says, comparing the message of house music to that of his religion.

“The world is getting uglier, we need love as the message.”

Of course, clubbing and raving are hardly faith-based pastimes. And Hood proudly admits he's an "overprotective dad."

"I’m always sheltering my daughter," he says. "We see different things in clubs, different experiences, and my job is to teach her."  

Though Lyric seems confident, saying “I’d like to be an example for people my age" when it comes to resisting temptation.

Watch below.