Remember when Diplo abruptly removed a track he collaborated with Justin Bieber on in May? Well, here’s a little refresher on that amusing incident. “Bank Roll” not only featured the pop star, it also had Young Thug and Rich The Kid in it - more than enough star power needed to catapult it to a mass appeal. But alas, days after its release it was abruptly removed from Diplo’s SoundCloud.

Now, “Bank Roll” has resurfaced but with no sign of Bieber, the new version instead featuring Indonesia’s latest “it” boy, rapper, Rich Chigga. Diplo took to SoundCloud to explain the song’s sudden disappearance. He said: “Other artists made SoundCloud take down the Justin Bieber version because they had exclusives with him. You can find it online here tho.”

Diplo’s explanation doesn’t say much, but replacing the pop star with rising rapper Rich Chigga is definitely spot on. Many fans were unhappy with the first version that featured Bieber, and the backlash kept on coming on social media platforms.

If you actually enjoyed the original track, we’re pretty sure you’ll love this version better. “Bank Roll” is available for free download here. Check out the track below.