Normally, the formula for TV and radio advertising is a straightforward one: You shoot the video, add some music in the background and you’re off.

But when CTEMF and Red Bull are involved, not even a run-of-the-mill bank commercial could turn out elementary. What started as a simple ad for Capitec ended as a fully fledged collaborative EP titled Live Better, showcasing some of South Africa’s top talent and telling their stories.

This EP includes the lyrical stylings of Zaki Ibrahim—an accomplished Canadian singer born in South Africa. And by the time her stunning vocals came together with Mike Kelly’s killer production skills, "Live Better" began to take on a life of its own.


With the potential to turn the single into a multi-faceted release, CTEMF and Red Bull reached out to Mpumalanga native Bruce Loko and Cape Town techno powerhouse Stab Virus for remix duties. Bruce’s unorthodox production flourished into a spaced out deep house journey, and Stab Virus's hard hitting techno sound ended the EP, transforming Capitec’s advert into a tribute to South African talent and a milestone in innovation in SA's music industry.

The EP not only showcases the prime talent of South African artists, but also serves as an example of what is possible when talent meets vision.


Executive for marketing and communications of Capitec, Francois Viviers states: “As part of our Bank Better, Live Better campaign, we wanted to create a collaboration opportunity with artists in the market that can create something that speaks to the ethos of “living better”, but make it their own. In other words, it’s not a piece of marketing that we’ve created, it’s something that the artists created that resonates with our ethos.”

“This is our first venture within the music industry,” says Viviers. “We want to support and collaborate with artists as far as possible as long as it aligns with the our values and supports what the artists stand for. We’re excited to see what opportunities come up in the future and we’ll discuss and make the most of them as they arise.”

“The message and the music speaks for itself, we hope that we can inspire people to take the song, remix it and make it their own. If it gains a life of its own then the project has really created something great, and we’d like to support that as far as possible.”

Capitec have also recently made a financial contribution towards travel and accomodation expenses for artist Aero Manyelo and Bruce Loko to fly to Sónar Barcelona, which kicks off on Thursday, June 15th—showing their deeper investment into the careers of South African musicians.