After 11 years of throwing successful parties in New York City, partners Taimur & Fahad of well-loved underground clubbing brand Blkmarket Membership have announced they'll now be focusing on independent projects, Adventures In The Deep and The Selectors. 

Like its name suggests, The Selectors—launched by Taimur early in 2017—will focus on bringing eclectic DJs and producers for extended sets to venues around the city, and highlight exciting new acts in the hopes of connecting them with the larger Blkmarket audience. Adventures In The Deep—Fahad’s project since 2012—will continue booking renowned acts in deep house and techno from around the globe, with past DJs including Bill Patrick, Maya Jane Coles, Sven Weisemann and Matthew Dekay.

Despite their renewed focus on separate projects, the partners emphasise this transition isn’t a separation, but an “expansion of an already successful partnership.”

“We’ve grown and explored sound together as a harmonious team,” Taimur Agha said in a press release. “But we have also forged our own creative relationships over the years. Now, we’d like to focus on cultivating those relationships.”

A joint statement continues:

“What we’ve accomplished together with Blkmarket over the past eleven years has been incredibly rewarding, and each of us are excited to apply that same drive and dynamism to see what we can also accomplish with our own personal brands – without diminishing anything we’ve already built. We’ve been fortunate to have been welcomed into one of the world’s most important and competitive nightlife scenes, have made incredible friends and shared so many great sonic experiences together along the way. We plan to keep being able to do that for years to come. It is our hope that these new projects will give us even more opportunities to contribute to the vibrancy of NY nightlife, allowing us the freedom to celebrate our individual tastes and creativity, without abandoning the original integrity of what we’ve built together. NYC continues to inspire us, and now we’re using that inspiration to create something new.”

The Blkmarket story continues on July 4th for a celebration at Output with French house trio Apollonia, who play from 11PM to close, and Taimur Agha warming up from 10PM-11PM at  but will be announced soon—though promoters said this will be the last Blkmarket party for some time.

For more info on the bash, click here.