Most of the time, it seems like humans, collectively, are on a mission to be assholes to one another and fuck up the planet to irreparable lengths. But sometimes, something as silly as an April Fool's idea can be enough to remind you of the beautiful potential of human collaboration. 

On a Reddit page named "Place," a blank canvas was opened up. Anyone who wanted to could place a single pixel on the canvas. A few minutes later, they were allowed to place another one, ad infinitum. They wanted to see what would happen if they gave the world a canvas and a teeny, teeny, tiiiiiny, tiiiiiiiiiiiiny paintbrush. 

A couple of days later, and millions of pixels later, what came out of it is astounding. Here's a timelapse gif of how the picture developed:

Teeming with activity, every corner of the image tells a separate story. People opened their own Reddit pages championing their own design plans, and people got on board or tried to sabotage and did whatever humans do. For example, look at the bottom right corner. This was a project named 'Blue Corner,' that aimed to take over the map. It was a major early phenomenon in Place, but was eventually overrun itself by many different little projects. 

You could get lost in this all day. In fact, we did. Somehow, the canvas ends up being a metaphor for how life grows out of existence. It's chaotic, overwhelming, but somehow, beautiful things spring up all around you and all the time. That's fucking nuts! And to think, this was all done, one by one, with pixels, by regular people. 

Check out this page for some more info as to how the story went down, and for a closer look, check out the Place Reddit page. There, you can zoom in and take a deeper, pixel-by-pixel look at the final result.