The winter holiday season feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? Since then it's been nothing but the daily grind, with hardly more than an afternoon spent couch-bound watching films.

But the long weekend starts tomorrow, giving you plenty of time to soak up some vitamin D (whether permitting), party your ass off, then slowly recover with what might be the most amazing playlist on YouTube. And you will need plenty of time.

Uploaded to YouTube by Belgian producer Gerome Sportelli, the The Best of Electronic Music Documentary Films playlist features some 500 electronic music documentaries, along with "interviews, footage and commercials you must see before you die."

That includes must-watch classics like Don't Forget To Go Home—starring a hilariously young Ricardo Villalobos and moustachioed Luciano—High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music, and the incredible Pump Up The Volume; interviews with legends like Sven Väth, Aphex Twin and Jean-Michel Jarre; and even old school advertisements with titles like "Cool Synth Commercial," "80's Casio Keyboards Commercial" and "korg sigma advert." Amazing.

But that hardly scratches the surface: jungle, old school hip house, gabba—you name it, you can probably watch something about it.

So check it out below, or head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe.

And of course, have a safe and happy long weekend.  

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