The urge to learn has been a driving force behind the progression of civilizations since the dawn of time. And with so many questions to be answered, it has become the purpose for many to share their experiences as to pass on vital information to those who share their passion for education.

It is with this in mind that the creative collective Planet Pangea was formed.

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Named after the supercontinent that comprised of all the continents that we know today, the initiative strives to connect musicians and artists from different worlds; and in turn, connect the continents through cultural exchange.

By hosting workshops, music exchanges, collaborative studio sessions and specially curated events, Planet Pangea has the potential to create an exciting environment for musicians to learn all they need to know about music production, as well as to share the stories of leaders within the electronic music industry.

Taking place in both Cape Town and Johannesburg over the next three weeks, DJ and producer Leeu, alongside Behr’s Academy of Music Technology and E.E.L (Educate, Empower, Learn), will host various workshops and studio sessions with artists like Powel, Wide Awake, Vox Portent and DJ Okapi amongst many others.

The project begins on April 19th in Johannesburg and ends in Cape town on May 4th at various locations.

The extensive schedule is as follows:


18th April - Powel & WIDE AWAKE meet and greet.

19th April - Early morning trip to The Treasury and Afro Synth record store in Maboneng with DJ Okapi, followed by a visit to The Academy of Music Technology with Ableton Certified producer Behr.

20th April - Studio sessions at Wired Sound Studios with two rooms for artists to work and collaborate in. Using the group’s source material created on the previous day, musical compositions will be created between the different groups of musicians and producers.

An E.E.L workshop will follow with Powel, Wide Awake, Behr and Leeu covering work as a professional producer, along with music production and building racks amongst over topics—ending with a braai in the evening.

21st April - Finalizing compositions and music exchange with lunch at the Glory in Melville and Planet Pangea Showcase with Wide Awake at Kitcheners in the evening.

22nd April - The Lowdown and Planet Pangea presents Powel (All Day I Dream) event at Thirteen Venue in Braamfontein.

Cape Town

22nd April - Ode x Atom x Planet Pangea event featuring Wide Awake, David Mears at Club 89.

27th April - Planet Pangea Showcase on the Everland Stage at Afrikaburn.

2nd - 4th May - Studio sessions at Red Bull Studios with David Mears, Mo/Yusuf Bassa, Leeu, Sadhu Sensi, Thor Rixon and Deep Aztec.

Visit the Planet Pangea page for more details.