Over the last several years, Sound Nightclub has enjoyed a steady rise and become one of Los Angeles’s most highly regarded clubs in the dance scene. Nestled in a hidden block right off of Sunset Boulevard, it’s become a safe haven and go-to spot for the true music lovers in a glam and status-obsessed city like Hollywood. It’s no exaggeration to say that there were no good places to go out and see music in Hollywood prior to Sound’s arrival, that is, if you weren’t partial to EDM bangers and champagne-spraying bottle service types. Sound changed the game upon arrival.

It's no secret that the nightclub has experimented with where to place itself in the underground-to-mainstream spectrum, but the one thing that has always set it apart has been consistently excellent booking (and good Cubano sandwiches, if you're partial to a snack after a boogie). If you’re into underground house and techno or locally-grown acts, there is no more supportive (and legal) venue than Sound. True much of LA’s best action is in illegal warehouse parties. That Sound are able to outpace them all while keeping it legal is truly worth of kudos.

Coming up next month, sandwiched between the two weekends of the mega-fest Coachella, Sound will bring in some of the biggest names in house and techno through a series of events titled ‘6 Days of Framework.’ From April 14 to 21, walking through the freshly-painted white wooden doors of the club will be Hot Since 82, Solomun, Sasha, Tale of Us, Red Axes, Maya Jane Coles, The Martinez Brothers, Marques Wyatt and more. Maybe you should read that list again, because it’s so fucking epic that you probably couldn’t fit it all in your brain at once.

"The artist selection and talent lineup were important considerations for the 6 Days, letting us showcase some of the music we are passionate about,” says owner and founder Kobi Danan. "The idea spurred from the concept of offering a comprehensive and heavy hitting show schedule delving into myriad realms of house music. It's a something-for-everyone week!”

Sound Nightclub’s Framework series of parties gave new life to Friday nights in the area, with quality and consistency as its core ingredients. Finding a reliable spot that stands the test of time is always tricky, especially in a dynamic and ever-evolving place like Los Angeles, but the team keeps their focus on what’s important—the experience rather than the trends.

"Framework encompasses art, music, fashion, and all things related. We have been quietly but carefully expanding it for years, and are seeking to proudly continue to do so. The expansion isn't the main focus however, it's more about us seeking the right and novel experiences for our party guests….The size of Sound is key, as it's always more on the intimate side compared to a lot of spaces. The dark wood that decorates the room adds to the feeling of crowd comfort, and the lighting is programmed and operated to contribute as well.”

From smaller weeklies and monthlies like Night Bass, SPACE YACHT and A Club Called Rhonda, to larger events with Goldenvoice and Ibiza’s Circoloco, collaborations have played a huge role in the expansion of the brand to new crowds and new spaces. We had to ask what their secret was to building a great partnership: "We could tell you but then we would have to kill you!” Danan laughs. “The most important factor is the partners' joint focus on the master goal of an incredible guest experience. This can range from the entertainment production, to the speaker system and lighting being on point, to the ticket purchasing process or the operations side of an event.

Danan goes on: “If the guests have good things to say once it’s done, we have had a successful partnership. Of course, the fit of the partnership needs to be right too, from the beginning.”

February was strapped with a residency from the Music On head honcho Marco Carola, and March brought in rarities like MSTRKRFT, Skream and Loco Dice. Just this past weekend, Sound hosted the famed Guy Gerber’s Rumors party in Chinatown, this year featuring the modern disco king DJ Harvey. We can keep going with the name-dropping, but you get the point by now—their bookings are next-level.

Running a nightclub in Los Angeles is a very difficult thing to achieve. Running a great nightclub is nigh on impossible. Sound have managed to pull it off, and April’s Framework series will be celebrated by the whole city.

For more information and tickets, stop by their website here or visit their Facebook.