Last year, Black Coffee spent time in Miami, rubbing shoulders with Bad Boy Entertainment founder P.Diddy. On his journeys, he wound up connecting with eight-time Grammy Award winner Usher, who it turns out is a fan of Africa’s biggest house music star.

The American R&B star and frequent collaborator approached Coffee for a major opportunity, hoping to work together with the Soulistic Music boss on an upcoming track. But, it seems, the collaboration was doomed from the start.

In an interview on MetroFM, Coffee explained that Usher’s management liked the “African” sound and asked him to deliver something that had a similar sound to it. The prolific Coffee told his team had just the thing in mind and promptly send a track over.

“The following day the response came,” Coffee told MetroFM. “And the manager said: ‘No, he says the song is a bit too modern, he wanted something African,’ and I’m like: ‘Maybe not.’”

“We’re not in the jungle right now, Africa is different, Africa is a totally different place,

Coffee continued. “Other people still want to hear bongos and the congas in the music, and I’m cool to do that, but only if it fits. For me, if I want to do a song with you, this is the vision I have, so the song might not happen because I’m not African enough,” he said.

Coffee recently worked with Drake on “Get it Together” featuring British singer Jorja Smith and also remixed “In Common” by Alicia Keys mid last year.

Watch a clip of the interview below.