The announcement of Black Coffee’s residency at new Ibiza club is a great achievement for the prolific South African artist, and after three years of making his name on the White Isle he can officially say he is one of the biggest artists there right now.

From DC-10’s Circoloco to Pacha to Ushuaia, Black Coffee has already shown his prowess at the biggest clubs in Ibiza. But the move to Hï brings a new opportunity to make an impact for the “next generation” of ravers.

Here are a few reasons why this might be South Africa's most important residency for 2017.

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By being the first choice for the new super club it shows that the current wave of DJs and dancers are wanting to embrace the South African sounds in a much bigger way. This isn’t just headlining some monthly event, this is Black Coffee’s own night; showing that the club is invested in South African house music culture. As a pioneer and global ambassador of South African house music, Black Coffee is now placing the South African scene on the upper echelon of the global dance music community.

Opportunity for DJs

With Black Coffee commanding his own night, we’ll hopefully see new opportunities open up to reach shores of Ibiza for South African artists, creating a broader awareness of South African music for the clubbers, as well as a more well rounded perspective for the other international DJs performing on the night.

Scope for producers

Playing his trademark South African house sound at his own major residency each week will no doubt raise the profile of the genre. The more exposure it gets, the more South African producers will be in demand for their ethnic sounds, spurring an explosion of the sound on a global scale.

Inspiration for development in SA scene

There’s always something to be learnt when experiencing the island’s many amazing parties. By generating more interest for South Africans to visit Ibiza, this will hopefully inspire local promoters to take things up a notch and compete with the world’s best clubs.

Opportunity to create a legacy for South African music in Ibiza

Who knows the extent of what this could mean for the South African scene. In an ideal situation, the residency could become one of the best party nights on the island and with SA DJs on regular rotation at the highly anticipated club, South Africans could leave their mark on the Ibiza scene—etching the sound of South Africa in the minds of dancers from around the world. This might be a pipe dream, but with an massive opportunity like this, anything can happen.

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