For years, SoundCloud has been the number one music sharing website in the world, allowing artists from various countries to engage with producers and fans from many different genres and nationalities. But its incredible popularity can make finding local music a daunting task—which is where MusicCloud steps in.

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Launched in January, MusicCloud provides an alternative music platform for Nigerian artists, creating an online database of mostly unknown talent. The site has registered over 2,000 users since its launch, and with its “Discover” function, MusicCloud continues to promote new artists through their growing user base.

While the functionality is pretty much the same as sites like SoundCloud and ReverbNation—with the typical stream and download options—it caters to a more localised audience, and might be an interesting way for Nigerian users to connect to people within their own music industry, as well as those across the African continent.

MusicCloud CEO, Ability Elijah said: "There are music services available which cater to Western regional markets, however, there is a gap in the market for a streamlined, easy-to-use service dedicated to emerging and alternative local Nigerian music."

He continues: “... MusicCloud is built for Nigerians and Africans, and we aim to continuously study the market, as well as keeping everything simple on the platform—from surfing around to streaming and downloading."

While it’s a long way away from the world's leading music websites, it does offer interesting insight into what the Nigerian music scene is like on the grass-roots level.

Maybe localised websites like MusicCloud are be a great step forward for countries, and even cities, to promote the music of their region.

Visit and check out the website.

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