To help promote his new Above Ground Level documentary, which is available to watch now, Grammy winner and techno live act Dubfiretook part in a reddit AMA.

And luckily it was a revealing one, in which Iranian American producer and label owner Ali Shirazinia discussed getting back with his old Deep Dish partner Sharam, the Warehouse Project's exclusivity deals, studying music in university but sucking at it, and more.

He studied music theory in university, but sucked

One user asked Dubfire if he “learned all this cool shit” in college, or if his skills as a DJ and producer were self taught. And like many of his peers, Ali is “pretty much self taught.” And did “horrible in music theory class but well in guitar class.” He also thinks the “best teachers are the engineers and producers” he’s surrounded himself with over the years.

Deep Dish was born too soon

Ali’s Grammy-winning project with Sharam catapulted them both into global superstardom back in the late ‘90s/early 2000s. Though they split in 2006 to pursue solo projects, with Dubfire hinting that their breakup might have been a timing issue. “I think despite our best intentions, we kickstarted the project prematurely,” he said.

But he wants to get back together with Sharam

“We'll reunite once we have some new music; it needs to be music-driven,” he said.

He’s cool with The Warehouse Project’s exclusivity deals

One knowledgeable user asked an astute question about Sacha Lord's exclusivity agreements for artists playing at Warehouse Project in Manchester; something the user feels is “killing the scene” as so many artists aren’t allowed to play any other parties besides WHP.

Dubfire said that despite “falling out” with WHP a few years ago, he loves playing their parties again these days, and says he has “confidence” in the party’s “reasons for exclusivity.”

We’ll let you decide why that is.

He thinks drugs have "spawned incredible music" from the '60s onwards

But admits it's still a taboo topic for many DJs to discuss, even if drugs are still a catalyst for great music today. 

He eventually wants to settle down one day with kids

While rigors of the road make it difficult to maintain a “normal relationship,” Ali says he keeps hope alive that he’ll one day start a family. Even if he admits the single life has allowed him more time to reach his goals.

He can’t stop listening to Dirty Beaches

The lo-fi sounds of Taiwanese-born Canadian Alex Zhang Hungtai are pretty sick though. Just listen to this.

Don’t call him Mrs. Doubtfire

He’s heard the joke a million times. But if you buy him some sake first, maybe he’ll let you get away with it.

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