In the past couple of days alone, we've recieved reports of an Airbnb rental in North London being illegally converted into a pop-up nightclub and gathering a crowd of hundreds that lasted all night, in addition to a completely separate incident in Newcastle, during which someone threw a rave in a sewer to their own crowd of hundreds, one that also had to be broken up by police in the wee hours of the morning. To complete the trifecta of good 'ol fashioned renegade UK raving, it appears that a beginners DJ class at a public school in Nottingham has befallen a similar fate. 

According to ITV news, an evening class for aspiring DJs began at 7pm on Saturday night at Rushcliffe School in Nottingham. All seemed to be going according to plan, until videos appeared on social media depicting a scene that had less to do with the basics of beatmaching, and more to do with chugging Red Stripe and waving glow sticks.

By 3:30AM, the crowd had reached 250 and the situation had reached full-blown rave status. Both the Police and Fire departments were called in, the latter after a smoke detector went off. Presumably that was during Lesson 3.1, "Rolling Spliffs Behind the Decks." Keep in mind, this all took place on the grounds of a public school whilst no teachers were around to kibosh the vibes. 

The scene of the crime. It's no Berghain, but it'll do for our hero renegade ravers...

As was the case in London and Newcastle, no arrests were made during the late-hour police raids, so kudos to the UK underground for their creative use of public spaces, and a further nod for not getting caught doing anything that would cause them (and all of us, by extension) any trouble. 

Still, that doesn't mean the local vanilla-types are particularly impressed: "We are absolutely mortified by it," said Steve Lewis, Head Teacher at Rushcliffe. "It is nothing that the school would ever want to be connected with." C'mon, lighten up, Mr. Lewis, it's just a bit of poorly mixed garage on a Saturday night!

So what-the-fuck is exactly going on in the UK right now? Why are so many unsuspecting locations being cheekily repurposed as pop-up rave venues? It's possible we're on the tip of some kind of populust rave revolt in the UK. If this is to be the case, we're fully in support of it. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Presumably, where there's smoke, there's an illegal and impromptu rager going down as well!

What's next? Grime rave at Buckingham Palace? Some psytrance on the Channel Tunnel?