As trash and plastic waste is reaching epidemic proportions in South East Asia, the region is also witnessing the destruction of its tropical rainforests. People are looking for solutions on not just reducing the problem, they want to eliminate the use of single use plastics and the destruction of rainforests. For example in Indonesia, a country of around 250 million people, the amount of plastic straws being discarded daily, if linked together would be equal to 5000 KM. This is the same distance between Bali and Sydney. To combat this, a group of like-minded DJs and event organizers from Bali are looking to spread awareness about this problem by intergrating science, art, music and activism. The Joy Collective have been given the unique opportunity to do this by Thai festival, Wonderfruit. 
 Wonderfruit Festival is a cutting edge music, food and cultural festival with a focus on being environmentally sustainable. With an array of musical talents on their international lineup, February 16 - 19, 2017, marks the third installment of the festival. This year they will be featuring drum n' bass stars Rudimental, techno goddess Nicole Moudaber, house legend Norman Jay MBE, and many others. Along with the musical acts, there are an array of workshops and talks from leaders in the arts and environmental fields, all carrying important messages of well being, living sustainably, and environmental conservation.

As part of this model, Joy Collective is introducing the Rainforest Pavilion, an installation hosting a stellar lineup of talks by "eco heroes" who have dedicated their life to environmental causes, innovation and business. A rich lineup of regional and international DJs will also play the stage, bringing the message that saving rainforests is sexy, providing festival goers something more than the usual festival experience. Visitors to the pavilion can learn and expand their understanding of the earth's environment, whilst enjoying themselves.

This will be an immersive rainforest experience, to let festival goers experience the rainforest with lush green living plants and field recordings from the rainforest as the soundscapes. This will all be a backdrop to the presenters and DJs who will perform at the stage. A featured speaker will be Dr. David Gaveau, whose work with the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has been monumental in documenting the deforestation occurring in Kalimantan, Indonesia. His talk will be showcasing the groundbreaking mapping technology he has helped develop using information from NASA, the ESA (European Space Agency) and drones to create a live interactive map that gives all bodies access to exactly what deforestation is happening on the ground and who owns the land that it is occurring on. Essentially giving any concerned citizen or group, the ability to track a corporation's forestry practices, and trace back what practices were used to create the products on their grocery store shelves. Helping them put this into practice is Avani Eco Straws, which helps replace the insane amount of plastic straws that a festival can go through, with a biodegradable alternative. 

The Joy Collective, founded by Alex Joy, is working with Bali Praia, Indonesia's newest record label and events company, co-founded by DJ Mikey Moran, to showcase the electronic music of Indonesia to the world, at the Wonderfruit Festival. The Rainforest Pavilion has been on a promotional tour of venues around Indonesia and Southeast Asia to raise awareness about their message on the Road To Wonderfruit. These events had DJs, artists, photographers and revellers coming together in an immersive audio art exhibition in six venues on Bali and Jakarta. While DJs played thought provoking dance tracks, Indonesian artists displayed their creations, and partiers watched NASA planetary models depicting Earth and interconnecting ecosystems, creating a unique learning experience. This collaboration of techno and technology gave the dance crowd something may beyond the normal club experience. 

The Rainforest Pavilion takes place at Wonderfruit Festival from February 16th to 19th, at the Siam Contry Club in Pattaya, Thailand. Tickets are still available here, use the discount code ALEXJOY to get a cut, courtesy of the Joy Collective. Come party for a cause, as a percentage of proceeds will go to purchasing rainforest land for permanent protection, by international rainforest protectors, Cuipo.