All the way back in 2002, a Russian band named Poyushchie Vmeste put out put out a vaguely ironic eurotrash jingle named "A Man Like Putin." It's an objectively terrible song--everything you hate about bad 90s commercial dance music--but a very funny send-up of Russian culture and their at-the-time new leader Vladimir Putin. 

Check out the original version in Russian:

Shortly afterwards, an English version was released and the track was passed around the world in the pre-meme days of the early 2000s. It became a karaoke classic in Russia and wove itself into the social fabric like a sarcastic version of "Proud to be an American." It's one part Vengaboys, one part Stalin, and people never seem to tire of it. 

Below is the english version: 

As you can see, it's such a satire of propaganda that a lot of people didn't even get it was a joke. Maybe that's why it's lasted so long. Also note how the subtitles refer to the Russian leader as "Poutine."  We're not kidding when we say it was a hit, though. Poyushchie Vmeste were a massive hit and the song actually began getting voicings at Putin's rallies! 

Throughout the years, the song has been covered in many voicings, from happy hardcore to string quartets. Somehow, the tune has never gone away:

On Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver ended his segment on the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin by putting together his own version of the song, one that explained Russo-American relations for the notoriously intel-shy tangerine-headed American President: 

You can get the whole story on this weirdly out-of-touch 2013 PBS documentary on the subject: