With a new state premier in town who has already expressed her views on lockout laws in the most patronising terms possible, it’s more important than ever we send a strong message to the government. We are an organised, educated majority that is not prepared to give up on Sydney’s night culture, wants meaningful solutions to alcohol fuelled violence rather than ineffective blanket bans and is not prepared to live with the lockout laws any longer.

After the last Keep Sydney Open rally was blocked by the Supreme Court at the request of the NSW police commissioner (the action was unprecedented - no other protests have been held to the same degree of accountability that KSO’s proposed third rally was), these marches have become about even more than our freedom to enjoy our city late at night. They are also about our freedom to express ourselves politically in our own city.

The Aria award winning singer Montaigne has been announced as a performer for the event this Saturday’s the 18th of February, along with '80s Aussie rockers GANGajang, DJ-U-Go-B and more to be announced, with Gelato Messina also on board for refreshments, so the only question you’ll be asking (in addition to where the fuck have all our live venues gone?) is one choc top or two?

The march kicks off at midday and will run until around 3pm. As you’d expect, the KSO rallies are as much a celebration of the music and party culture we love as they are a fight against the laws that have resulted in its loss.

Your presence at these positive events is absolutely crucial. Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your protest sign A-game and fight for a Sydney that can hold its own on the international stage.

Join the event page here. 

Header image by Jess Gleeson