Since Prince's death last year, there's been renewed interest in his lesser known works as well as his classic hits. A number of bootlegs have surfaced from varying points in The Purple One's sterling career, but none go as far back as what is being called Loring Park Sessions '77.

Prince's first LP For You was released in 1978, but the year before, Prince recorded instrumental jam sessions in the rehearsal room of his manager, Owen Husney, in Loring Park, Minneapolis. 

In the recording, which spans about 55 minutes, Prince plays the clavinet, while Andre Cymone slaps the bass like a madman and Bobby Z jams out on the drums. Both players were regular features of Prince's live band in the early years.

The sound is funky jazz fusion of the '70s a la Herbie Hancock, and captures the raw virtuosity of Prince in his early years. Turn up the speakers and check this out: