Goodluck have a knack for bringing feel good energy into their music videos, and their latest single, “The Open Sea”, is no different.

For the fourth single from their album The Nature Within, Goodluck took to the Maldives to capture the stunning beaches, blue lagoons and extensive coral reefs that the island is famously known for.

The video is simple and serene. Watching the endless ocean ripple along as Jules floats by on a yellow lilo makes the urge to dive into the nearest body of water almost overwhelming.

”The Open Sea” is a collaboration between Goodluck and German duo Younotus, recorded at their studio in Berlin. Ben Peters, Goodluck’s producer, said: "There was a synergy working with Gregor and Tobias [Younotus] which manifests in the way this song effortlessly transports you into summer."

Accompanied as always by Jules Harding’s sultry vocals, the organic electro house tune is a great addition to Goodluck’s already impressive repertoire of summer tunes and dreamy videos.

”I was thinking of those incredible holiday romances that feel like they're gonna last forever—even though you know they are just fleeting moments." says Jules.

The Nature Within is available from iTunes.

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