It’s official guys, Queen Bey has cancelled her headline slot at Coachella this year on account of being far too pregnant with twins.

Beyoncé’s decision came “following the advice of her doctors to keep a lesrigorous schedule in the coming months”, and is completely understandable given that she is thought to be due just a couple of months after the festival.

Alongside fellow headliners Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar, Knowles was one of the most hyped acts on the bill, and given the festival’s penchant for coaxing flare and gravitas out of its performers, many wondered what Beyonce would bring to the show. We had our money on her giving birth to a child live on stage each weekend whilst reciting Lemonade, but alas, we will likely be treated to Rihanna smoking several blunts.

Coachella did however announce that the Queen would be headlining in 2018. You can check out their full statement below: