Once a year, Design Indaba brings some of the most innovative minds from South Africa and around the world to share their stories, art and ideas with the public. From music to art and design, film premieres and even art stalls, the festival is a one stop destination to explore the minds of some of the world’s most creative artists and innovative thinkers.

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Taking place at Artscape Theatre in Cape Town from March 1st to the 3rd, Design Indaba started back in 1995 as a means to raise awareness about South Africa’s rapidly growing design industries. The hope was and still is to nurture these industries for the success of the country’s creatives.

By highlighting design as a fundamental for brand communication, as well as a powerful tool in industry and commerce, Indaba awakens and drives a demand for investment in intellectual capital. By educating, inspiring and entertainment the many minds of the design industry, the festival champions the creative revolution in South Africa.

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But how is Design Indaba more than just a design festival?

Killer local and international musicians

From trip hop to bass music and rare cuts on vinyl, the entertainment bill will bring keep the blood pumping throughout the weekend. On top of the massive local lineup of Pierre Estienne, DJ Skinniez, John Wizards and Black Coffee, DJ Daddy-G from UK trip hop duo Massive Attack will rock the show with an exclusive DJ set to kick off day two. With an entire weekend of music there will always be time to dance, so why not check out...

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Design Indaba FilmFest

Be submerged in the world of director Stefan Sagmeister as he dives into the human psyche, undergoing a series of self-experiments in his feature The Happy Film, just one of the many incredible long and short films that will premiere in Africa for the first time ever during the festival. If that’s too much for you, an animated edition of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes might tickle your fancy. Between films you can...

Check out the locally invested art exhibition

Take some time to admire the exhibitions of 40 young and daring artists, showcasing their works in the Emerging Artists Exhibition. You can even get involved by voting for the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa—an exhibition exclusive to Design Indaba. There’s also a chance to see over 50 posters created by the School of Visual Arts in New York named Underground Images, designed specifically for the New York City subway station. If you find yourself falling in love with the artworks you can always...

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Buy a local design

The treasure trove of carefully curated designs available at the festival allows you to take a part of the festival home with you, and support the artists in the process. Featuring the newest and most innovative designs from South Africa, Africa and around the world, you can shop African designs and become part of the Design Indaba movement. But you want something more stimulating...

You can learn all about the design industry at one of the many talks

Possibly the weekend’s most exciting event (if you don’t count the music), Olafur Eliasson will debut his most spectacular invention to date, with the power to change the planet—a tiny solar panel that provides sustainable energy for anyone around the world. This will be a world-wide premiere of this affordable device that is already changing lives and providing energy to impoverished people everywhere.

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As much as the festival can very well be enjoyed by those looking to have a cool time looking at interesting things, Design Indaba has a much larger agenda; one that strives to create the building blocks for innovative and collective thinking by helping and showcasing artists who believe in their talent for communication and interaction on a creative level.

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