Bathing brings its own kind of tranquility. It’s a ritual cleansing of the soul that we all take part in everyday (hopefully). Much like singing in the shower, Thor Rixon’s Songs From The Bath is an unadulterated expression of music,

The seven track LP covers the vast influences heard in majority of Thor’s music. Labelled ‘neo-psychedelia electronica’, the album focuses more on the aural experience than on being true to a specific set of musical elements.

As a body of work, listeners are thrown into various soundscapes, ranging from deeply emotive vocal tunes to immersive, spaced-out, techno-esque sonic barrages; playing out a nine-minute exploration of trippy sounds, dancey bits and emotive overtones.

We chat with Thor Rixon to find out more about the weird and wonderful album, which is out today.

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What inspired your album Songs From The Bath? I wanted to write an album that felt like water when listened to. How water ebbs and flows gently sometimes but at other times be violent. I tried to incorporate this sentiment throughout the progression of the album, as well as within each track and composition.

What's the one thing people don't know about the album? Pretty much every sound on the album has been recorded, sampled and manipulated. Also every song has a very soft ambience, which is almost inaudible but can be heard if one is to concentrate carefully.

What sound would you say defines Thor Rixon? Well I like to work with recordings and live instrumentation. I am also a very big fan of emotive music, as well as dance music, so I try my best to mesh all of these elements together; subtle emotions, dancing and live instrumentation.

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Tell us about some of the featured artists on the album. Hlasko is a JHB based producer and songwriter and of South Africa's best. Hlasko's ideas and implementation of those ideas are like nothing I have experienced before. A true genius.

Itai Hakim, who is a JHB based songwriter and poet, blew me away when I watched him perform with a stripped down [version of the band] Brother Moves On in Cape Town last year. Alice Phoebe Lou and myself have been friends and collaborators for years now and we finally wrote a work together beginning of last year when we were travelling South Africa with friends.

Olmo is one of the most inspiring musicians I have come across. He can play so many instruments so very well and with so much feeling. I see us working a lot together in the future as he is also a dear friend.

Does listening to the album in the bath enhance the experience? Is it advisable? Yes, the album is meant to be enjoyed while relaxed, whether that be in the bath, on a couch or in bed.

Songs From The Bath is available on a limited run of translucent turquoise vinyl from the Roastin' Records website, as well as on digitally on iTunes and Thor Rixon’s Bandcamp page.

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