A decade ago, after parties in South East Asia were scarce, exclusive and very much hidden from the eyes and ears of the masses. One would usually have to rely on word on the street to gain such access, and only a handful of clubs were allowed to operate until the wee hours of the morning. Times have changed since and now many clubs are permitted to operate until the break of dawn - legally too! Collaborating with regional DJs, we’ve put together a list of our favourite spots to stretch night into morning...

TIME In Manila

Time in Manila is an underground establishment located in Makati City. Separating itself from the rest of the pack with a strictly enforced “no EDM” music policy. But don’t let the underground club label fool you - this club is far from a dingy basement, with three floors, which includes the main area, a balcony and outdoor roof deck. It is perfectly made for those with a discerning taste in dance music.

The club’s parties are known stretch into and beyond the wee hours of the morning. The party never stops before 8am, and sometimes it can last to noon the next day. “It’s always a mad moment at TIME; the epitome of Manila after dark,” says local DJ, Alinep.

Mustache Bar

Since it opened over a year ago, Bangkok’s Mustache Bar has seen an increase of party punters on weekends and, surprisingly, on weekdays to. Their festivities kick off every Friday and Saturday at around 2am and last ‘til sunrise. Music programming is pretty much deep and dark, which loosely means there is a lot of house and techno played here.

Their regulars on the decks include the likes of Superstar Panda, Soi Dogs, and Junesis but you will also find DJs like Sunju Hargun popping by occasionally. “Mustache Bar is the one and only Berlin after party vibe you’ll find in Bangkok after all the other good clubs close their doors,” says Dan Buri, one of the venue’s regular DJs.

Koh, Bali

Located in the bustling area of Seminyak, Koh Bali is one of the island’s main clubbing destinations since it opened its doors in mid-2015. The nightclub is the brainchild of two Aussie mates; Dane Gorrel, owner of legendary watering hole Abercrombie Hotel, and fellow DJ Matt Weir of the popular S.A.S.H dance club. “A counterweight to glamorous clubs of Bali, Koh’s warehouse style interior is definitely the place to put your head down and dance until the morning light. Koh always sounds amazing with its crisp sounding FunctionOne speakers and guest DJs like Bushwacka or Skream blasting techno bangers for the crowd,” Halim Ardie says.

Headquarters by The Council

If you didn’t know already, Singapore’s Headquarters by The Council is helmed by Eileen Chan aka DJ Cats on Crack and owner of KOI Izakaya, Clement Chin. This authentically underground joint has been playing host to the Council series from Wednesdays to Saturdays. If you’re looking for a fuss free and no-frills after hours mecca, this is definitely the space for you. “Headquarters does it for me all the time. It’s a small and intimate venue where DJs play till the early morning,” Mr HAS says.

The Sweatbox at Elysium

Elysium isn’t the biggest spot in town, but it is one of the most energetic venues in Kuala Lumpur. It is a two-storey dancing mecca that can and has fit a lot of people. The terrace overlooks two of the cities beloved monuments - The Kuala Lumpur Tower and the KLCC Twin Towers. It is alfresco by nature but the second floor is quite the opposite, with a smaller dance floor is smaller that is generally fully covered and indoors. The setting is perfect for The Sweatbox session to come into play every Saturday.

Hosted by Art Extreme Media, The Sweatbox is the most sought after party in the city, which broke the mould in KL when it stretched New Year’s Eve celebrations until noon the next day. The Sweatbox brims with PLUR week in and week out and that is possibly its main appeal for many, including the DJs themselves. “A box filled with love, sweat, techno, family and a sunrise that you would never forget,” describes JonnyVicious.

Enter The Void Night at Colosseum Jakarta

Jakarta hasn’t been the same since Stadium Nightclub closed down. The legendary venue was actually the first to start the after hours movement in Indonesia, the massive four-floor venue hosting a huge number of international DJs including John Digweed, Sasha and Mark Knight. While the days of being able to party from Friday to Monday are now over, the after party is far from finished.

Colosseum appears to be filling that gap with its Enter The Void Night. “This once a month party is the only place left in Jakarta that you can get your all night till all morning dancing fix. Starting 11 PM and going till 11 AM, ravers make a point of always hitting this party. It’s hosted by Jakarta’s number one techno crew House Cartel, you know for sure that music will always be on point,” Halim Ardie reassures us.