The epic drops and emotional sounds played by everyone from Dixon to Tale of Us to countless Burning Man camp DJs have been jokingly been referred to as "man trance" or "shamanic house" in recent days. 

Never one to shirk some controversy, underground legend Mr. C went on a social media rant, in which he went off on the above genres, in addition to a whole host of other sounds. In fact, it was hard for anyone to avoid the burning wit of Mr. C, as he laid into pretty much everything and everyone. It was epic.

In full, from Mr.C's Facebook page, the post read as follows:

"It's been a while since I had a good rant. Right now I've been working for 14 hours straight, I'm tired, irritable & ready for bed, so now must be the right time.

My last post had a go at Shamanic House (or so they call it), which is that soft as shit fluffy bollocks with peruvian pan pipes & wailing shamans, does my nut in. So here a list of music that does my melon no favours whatsoever & is what the sheeple actually consider "underground"

Shamanic house (peruvian goat herder bollocks). Great for the 1% elite rich Burning Man numpties who have their $100 a gram cocaine blessed by a charlatan before they sniff the whole thing in one go. Deep House that isn't actually deep house but cheesy a fuck house with obvious vocals & more breakdowns than a Hollywood housewife. Man Trance, which is like modern progressive house with major chord melodies & chord stabs. It wasn't good back then & it isn't good now!

Tech House. No, that is not tech house, it's loopy bullshit that goes nowhere & all the tunes sound the same. Tech house was always meant to be the last bastion of Acid House that is a hybrid of house & techno & pushing boundaries, not music that delivers the same shit over & over again. Fuck off.

Loopy techno. What is that all about? Like this modern tech house rubbish it all sounds the same except it has even less soul. Forget the quality, feel the tempo.

All of the above is generic bullshit mostly made by copyist fans making the exact same tunes the big name stars made that got them big because it's obvious as shit & boring as hell for anyone who wants something a little different. For sure some of those copyists are going to strike gold & in a year or 2 or 3 they'll be charging $30,000 + for a 90 minute set of obvious rubbish for the sheeple.

I've been hearing generic dance music that's meant to be cutting edge all bloody year, everywhere I go....

Well, you can all do one. Goodnight."