As any major label head in commercial dance music will tell you, unlicensed remixes are a conundrum. One the one hand the fertile culture of bedroom producers twisting and bending original releases and uploading them to SoundCloud and YouTube does a lot for publicity, but it’s next to impossible to extract any revenue from the unlicensed material. MetaPop has come into the dance space as a solution to that problem, working with producers and labels to clear music and enable everyone involved to get paid and not have to deal with the burden of pulling the music offline.

The LA-based music startup have just announced their latest competition Remix Me, which enables established artists to put up their tracks and stems on MetaPop and open the music up for rising producers to remix without fear of repercussions.

The company explained that “remix competitions are a great way to promote a new single, discover a new genre-bending take on your original song, or breathe new life into one of your classic tracks. And remember, every remix uploaded to the MetaPop platform is automatically published to YouTube and SoundCloud so you can start earning right away! Winning remixes are commercially distributed to Beatport, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and more.”

Founded by former Beatport CEO Matt Adell, MetaPop is providing a necessary solution to a very real problem in the music industry. To find out more about MetaPop and to get involved in Remix Me, visit MetaPop’s website.