Seven years since their last album This is Happening, indie-dance legends LCD Soundsystem are finally, officially, almost done with their new album according to frontman James Murphy. The bearded crooner took to Facebook to explain to fans that the band is "Still working on it, but it'll be done soon," before adding: "Winter tends to mess with my voice, so finishing the thing drags out."

There was no hint as to the direction of the album musically, but this picture of Nancy Whang laying atop a building of synths should be some indication that this will be a danceable endeavor...

LCD were allegedly set to go on a major tour after their comeback at Coachella last year, but those plans were kiboshed to focus on the album. Speaking about the album last year, Murphy said "Thee only thing we can do now is get back into the studio and finish this record, and make it as fucking good as we can possibly make it."

Murphy went on: "it needs to be better than anything we've done before, in my mind, because it won't have the help of being the first time. and we have to play better than we've ever played, means we go back to war, like in the beginning. for us it was always war, but now it's really with ourselves. maybe we have a chance to make it right."

The bandmembers are still active DJing and performing about town. Murphy has a set at NYC nightclub Output this week, and some DFA events are sheduled to go down this month. Judging by their performances during last year's festival season, it's clear that the world still needs LCD Soundsystem.

In the meantime, why not watch all of LCD's set at Primavera in Barcelona last year?