Dan Buri is off to a good start in 2017. The Bangkok-based DJ and producer releases his debut single on Ballroom Records, which comes complete with a remix from label heads Kaiser Souzai and drops on January 23rd. The single has already been played by some of the scene’s heavy hitters including the likes of Sasha, Arjun Vagale, Nick Warren, Edu Imbernon, Danito, Eelke Kleijn and Marc DePulse.

Buri’s new tune ‘Deep Breath’ is a melodic techno number filled with haunting synths which ascend & descend in an addictive pattern, supported by sharp percussions and creating a natural flow. “I was aiming to create a straight, bass driven track with melodic elements which gets under your skin,” Buri explains. “I tried giving a dark and dirty twist to it and I think it came out pretty well,” he continues. Releasing a debut track on Ballroom Records is already an achievement he is very proud of, but Kaiser Souzai on remix duties elevates the track further.

The Berlin duo inject their signature pulsating rhythm, bringing the original a step deeper and accentuating all the elements to forge an anthem for the night’s later hours. “It's a big tune. I couldn't be happier than having them remixing it for me,” Buri enthuses.

“I have been listening to Kaiser Souzai since I started to dig electronic music around 2008. I really loved their style at that time and to get a remix by them today is a great feeling and an achievement. It drives me to go further and further with my productions.”

Buri’s German influence has allowed him to showcase a brooding yet melodic soundscape while his Thai roots lead him to explore a more light-hearted approach to everything that he does. On the other hand, Bangkok’s after dark shenanigans inspired Buri to take his career to the next level by launching his own imprint, Neverest. Through this new project, he plans to create a family from Asia’s pool of talented DJs and producers.

Buri leaves us with a tip on when to play this melodic tune during a set. He says: “It really depends on how a DJ wants to build up his set with his progression. It fits anywhere in a techno set. Whereas I think the Kaiser Souzai remix is definitely a full on peak time sound.”

Dan Buri’s “Deep Breath” EP will be officially released on January 23rd. Check out his new tune below.