Faction Festival is pulling out all the stops this weekend, bringing some of the hottest house, techno, hip hop and EDM DJs across their four stages. The Faction Arena—a container yard just outside of Johannesburg’s city centre—will play host to this massive four-tier festival, bringing together four of the city’s biggest “factions”, catering to a broad market within the local dance music scene.

Ahead of this weekend’s festival, we chat with German production powerhouse and Kittball Records founders, Tube & Berger, to find out who they are and what they will be bringing as headliners of this immense experience.

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What was it like growing up in ‘90s Germany when house and techno arrived in the country?

During the ‘90s, we were in a punk band together and we weren't really concerned with this new, emerging genre of music. But then we listened to the Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and the godfather Sven Väth, and from this time on we realized this is our sound. These never ending raves, never ending nights and most of all the crowds who just go crazy. This new kind of music meant freedom and at that point we were just sure: this is our thing.

What does your record label Kittball bring to the table?

A typical Kittball release can be recognized by the fresh sound, deep bass and a tiny pinch of irony. The philosophy behind this is rather simple: produce great music and be a nice person. We think this works out quite good so far, doesn't it?

As label owners, who are a few artists we should be looking out for in 2017?

There are so many good new acts popping up at the moment. One of these hot new acts are Return Of The Jaded from Canada. The two friends from Ottawa are great producers and their stuff gets better and better, so we are happy to have them on board at Kittball. Check their latest release featuring our label mum Juliet Sikora called "Did You Take My Money?"   

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Do you have any pet peeves when visiting clubs? Has there been anything that has ruined a gig for you?

When the sound system or the equipment in general is not working and everything sounds shit. Who do you blame? Right! The DJ. We once played a big show in France and the power went off three times. It felt like there was a collective anger in the air because obviously everybody wanted to have a good time but the vibe got killed. Another thing is flight delays and not making it to the gig. Or let's say flight delays in general. Sucks big time!

What is your secret weapon?

There are quite a few. The best thing would be to find out yourself. Come and join us on the 9th of December in Durban and on the December 10th in Johannesburg.

What’s your one track to save a dance floor?

At the moment it's “On Off” by Cirez D. We have prepared a special edit and it really bangs.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Oh, we can think of many and it might have something to do with girls. But the most amazing superpower during the hard times of touring around would be the ability of power napping. Wherever, whenever just a few minutes of closing your eyes and you feel like a whole new person again. By the way, Berger is fairly good at that.

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What is your ideal set time to play and why?

We don’t tie ourselves down to times but between 2 and 4AM suits us quite well. At that time the atmosphere in the club is already pretty rampant. But we also love playing at festivals when the sun is rising or when it is setting. This is always something special for us.

You’ll be arriving in the Motherland soon, what have you heard about the techno scene in South Africa?

We have been in South Africa quite a few times now and it is really super fun playing here. There are most definitely some countries that could learn a thing or two from you guys. We love Africa.

What can we expect from your performance in South Africa?

We will bring you da “RUCKUS”

Catch Tube & Berger at Kulture in Durban on December 9th, Faction Festival on the 10th and at We Love Summer in Cape Town on the 11th. Tickets for Faction Festival are available here.

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