Giving out guestlist spots to party patrons has been a debatable issue in the entertainment industry. Event organisers tend to provide a limited number of free entries and tickets to its guests and this could range from 200 tickets to up to 2,000 tickets for larger scale festivals. Since its inception seven years ago, The Livescape Group has given out close to 24,000 complimentary tickets via its guest list with a potential sale value of RM3.3 million.

Trying to please everyone isn’t an easy feat and abolishing the guestlist system isn’t the solution either. This predicament has led The Livescape Group to make a bold yet pioneering statement by being the first live events organisers in Malaysia to abolish its complimentary guestlist privilege. Patrons at Livescape’s events with guestlist privileges will now be required to make a minimum compulsory donation of RM50 at the door, with all proceeds going to various charitable foundations.

Iqbal Ameer (left), Group CEO and Rahul Kukreja (right), Director of Live Events of The Livescape Group presenting a mock cheque to Ria Thomas, Chairperson of ANGSANAcare

This new policy also takes effect for Livescape events in Singapore and Indonesia. They first introduced the new initiative at their rock music event, Rockaway Festival, successfully collecting a total of RM7,888 for ANGSANAcare an organisation that provides services for children with life-threatening illnesses.

“We are a passionate company and we work very hard to put together shows that fans would remember for a lifetime. But with great shows, there is also a demand from fans for free tickets,” said Iqbal Ameer, Group Chief Executive Officer of The Livescape Group and Secretary of ALIFE, an NGO representing event organisers in the country.

“While we do not wish to profit from these free tickets, we feel that it is only right that the less fortunate benefit from this. This move is Livescape’s way of giving back to the communities around us and we hope that other event organisers, whether it be a private entity or a government agency, will be able to follow suit.”