Finally, something we can all agree on! Bulgarian badman KiNK never fails to tantalize with his free-wheeling live sets performed on a sea of hardware devices, and he's taken the number one spot on RA's Top 100 Live Acts list for the second year in a row.

"The Bulgarian artist delivers body-rocking house music with the kind of showmanship it deserves," said RA. "Playing his drum machines like percussion instruments, tapping out keyboard melodies by hand, rocking his shoulders and swinging his hips as he tweaks EQs, he's less "electronic live act" than one-man band."

Second in the list was our second favorite baldyman Recondite. The German's slow, engrossing, space techno takes some time to understand for many, but one by one, people have come to understand the unique atmospheres he creates with his music.

"Here's an artist who makes and performs sensitive, nuanced, even gentle music," RA stated. "His live sets are completely free of fireworks: he calmly goes about his business using a simple Ableton setup. He's a low-key presence on social media, and in person he appears thoughtful and serene."

In third place was the act many thought would finish first and probably our favorite baldyman, Stephan Bodzin. He's been wowing crowds with unique and improvised renditions of his excellent "Powers of Ten" all year long, but it was only enough to get him up to #3 on the list.

"Most house and techno artists these days hypnotise crowds with grooves, but Stephan Bodzin does it with melody," says RA. "His sets are at once trancey, melancholic and euphoric, dazzling people with delicacy and powerful melodies. A veteran producer, Bodzin knows exactly how get enthral a dance floor with his Moog synthesiser and Ableton setup."

Elsewhere in the top 10 were Floating Points, Ame, Vril, Fatima Yamaha, and Moderat. Paranoid London came it at numer 13, Nicolas Jaar at 16. Other notable inclusions were Ansome, Rrose, and Woo York rounding out the list at #40. 

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