As the world continues to process the loss of 36 lives (and counting) after a fire engulfed an underground venue named Ghost Ship in Oakland over the weekend, the mysterious manager of the property, Derek Almena, appeared on the Today show to defend his case.

Visibly distraught, Almena spoke with Matt Lauer but was barely able to answer any questions leveled in his direction about his potential culpability. "I would rather be trampled on by the parents than have to answer these questions!" he said, after Lauer probed him about potential negligence that may have exacerbated the situation after an electrical fire burned a staircase made of pallets and trapped revellers upstairs, where they were burned to death before they could be saved.

In what must be the biggest tragedies in the history of dance music, mainstream attention has befallen our community in the worst way possible, and Almena's performance on live TV was that of a man on the edge. Lauer cut the interview off after Almena repeatedly refused to answer questions, instead going on heartfelt explanations of his position. 

This continues to be one of the saddest episodes we've ever witnessed, and our hearts go out to the families of those lost. 

The full interview, below: