Daniela Niederer, better known as Nora En Pure, began her career bringing positive vibes and exotic sounds to the electronic music spectrum. Since moving to Switzerland from her home in South Africa, the talented pianist and flautist began creating deep house and in 2009 released her debut tracks on the Enormous Tunes and Tonkenish imprints.

Her 2010 remix of Daniel Portman’s “Khaweri” put the name Nora En Pure on the map, but it was only until the release of “You Make Me Float” in 2011 that she would begin to garner attention from the music world; landing her on Beatport’s Top 50 chart and racking up over 500,000 plays on YouTube.


This was followed by the smash-hit "Come With Me" in 2013, which kept Nora at the top of the charts for over seven months, further increasing her presence on the international stage. After a strong year in 2015 with a string of releases making waves in the industry, she landed needletime on Pete Tong’s Essential Mix radio show delivering a stellar mix of her own.

As a much sought after house music producer and DJ, with a residency at the world’s largest club, Privilege Ibiza, we picked the brain of this prolific artist about some of tracks that make her tick, ahead of her visit to Cape Town for Corona Sunsets Festival on December 16th.


What is the earliest house track you remember?

I honestly can’t remember. At the beginning when I heard house music, I wasn’t as much into it, as I was really into other genres of music. Saying that… it seems it grew quite a lot on me!

What song reminds you of growing up?

The Offspring's "Gone Away". This is up to today one of my favourite tracks of all time! I grew up with all these rock & punk bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Nirvana, Sum41 and so on.

Name three songs that define your DJ career and why.

That's definitely "Come With Me" that put me on the map 3 years ago. Then I would say "U Got My Body" and "Morning Dew" were important original tracks as well, that opened doors to different audiences.

What song made you want to become a DJ?

No song in particular! The DJ part is more about how to play an awesome set and take people on a journey and make them dance and have fun.

What is your go-to opening track?

At the moment I like to open with EDX's  "Omerta", it's an epic track.

Which track brings a tear to your eye?

My own "Lake Arrowhead" manages that at times. But it’s more when I am playing in special location. This summer, one event I was playing was set right at the beach at sunset and this typical sea breeze came up, and that made me somehow quite emotional. That combined with the energy from the crowd can be very moving!

What track do you wish you’d produced?

For example Rufus' "Innerbloom", really fantastic songwriting there. Spot on!

Which track is your guilty pleasure?

A track that I have played very often this year is "Chimera" by Sons Of Maria. It’s a beautiful track that is very uplifting, yet has a nice deep sound to it.

Which track do you wish you could play more often?

I love deeper tracks like "Systematika" by Guy Mantzur and Roy Rosenfeld, but I feel often people at my shows are more up for the groovy, melodic fun sound than deep tracks like this.

Catch Nora En Pure at the Corona Sunsets Festival on December 16th at The Bungalow in Clifton. Tickets available from the Corona website.

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