By this point, Kieran Hebden has fully blossomed from experimental noodler to tastemaker to elder statesman of dance music, particularly a brand of dance music that's imbued with a free-wheeling sense of musical adventure and curational nous. These days, a Four Tet set is something of a musical lesson for chinstrokers and dancefloor deviants alike.

This was proven yet again last week when Four Tet took the stage for a 5-hour set in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles for a party named Far Away LA. As the only act performing all evening, Four Tet was in full control of vibelaying until the wee hours of the morning. Lucky for us, some clever clogs recorded it all. 

Even though the last thirty minutes are cut out from the epic and lengthy performance, the mix weaves through typically Fourtettian sounds like funk, jazz, ambient, techno, psychedelia and even a 'lil hip-hop. The mix is all over the place, but manages to stick together thanks to Hebden's curatorial touch. Thankfully, this time he didn't drop any endless builds to teach us about the power of delayed gratification...

The recording, in full: