Cosmic techno connoisseurs Interstellar Systems are set to celebrate their 1st anniversary at Koh Bali this Saturday. Interstellar have brought techno maestros such as Shifted, Minilogue, Marco Shuttle and Milton Bradley to Koh, as well as organizing the Eclipse Festival, Indonesia's largest alternative outdoor festival to date. 
The crew will be celebrating their birthday in their signature spacey style with their resident lineup Cabbit, 3HM and a special live set by Cajak. 


CAJAK's journey in electronic music started as a teenager spinning techno, house, and drum ‘n’ bass at university parties. In 2004 he moved to Tokyo as a student and held residencies at Ageha, Womb, and Space Lab Yellow. He organized art and music events at various locations around the city from art galleries, concept spaces, boats, clubs, parks, and even African strip clubs. In 2010, he founded the Rainbow Disco Club festival, a leading encounter for past and future electronic music in Japan. He then moved to the techno mecca of Berlin where he realized his idea for a music search engine while curating and producing electronic music and technology art events in Tokyo for the city of Berlin and German cultural institutions. During 2014, he moved once more with his music machines and a crate of records to Bali and joined the Interstellar crew.


Manu Blazy aka 3hm (pronounced “M”) is a DJ, producer, and label owner of Osiron Records. 3hm started DJing during the early 90's French rave movement, playing experimental hardcore, hard-acid and techno. His first DJ set was aired live on Radio FG in Paris in 1993. Despite playing mostly in underground rave parties, he was also given guest slots to play in the legendary Rex Club and Palace in Paris. He officially started playing psychedelic trance in 1994, performing at major Parisian events with Mike MacGuire, Jens Waldenback and Xavier Morel of JunoReactor. He has also played alongside significant techno and trance artists throughout the years like Andrew Weatherall, A Guy Called Gerald, Shifted, Milton Bradley, Heiko Laux, Robert Leiner, and Son Kite.


Interstellar System’s founding member Cabbit's music library spans all genres and tempos; mainly ranging from electronica, IDM, techno, trance, ambient and psychedelic. She has supported artists like Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue/ Son Kite, Milton Bradley, Greg Coyle, Kox Box’s Ian Johansson & Loopus in Fabula.