Kenya Nights are on the frontline of the dance music scene in Kenya, bringing top-notch international acts to their humble abode in Nairobi.

As they take things into the festive season, this year they have invited the young and talented DJ and producer, Huxley, to their favourite venue, The Alchemist. And before the party kicks off tomorrow (November 4th) here are five reasons why should not miss out on this awesome party.

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It's needless to say that Huxley is one of the most prominent names in house music with releases on labels like AUS, 20/20 Vision, Defected, Tsuba and !K7 Records over the last seven years. His distinct sound is known to be dancefloor ready, and combined with his prowess behind the decks, he is a surefire winner for any party.

Kenya Nights

Over the last few years, Kenya Nights has seen the likes of Lee Foss, Scarlett Etienne, Diplo and MANDY, as well as South Africa's own Black Coffee and Culoe De Song, grace their East African country. With a solid reputation in the burgeoning dance music scene in Kenya, they are single handedly bringing their audience up to speed with some of the world's finest house and techno acts.

Get Real

Get Real is a new concept within the Nairobi nightlife scene. Focusing on underground hip hop, rap, dub, afro and electronica, the brand is a fusion of sorts, bringing like-minded individuals together to experience a new wave of sound in Kenya.

The Alchemist Bar

It's clear to see that The Alchemist is one of the top nightlife spots in Nairobi, bringing together the best mixologists, restaurateurs, and DJs to create the perfect night out. Having hosted many of the Kenya Nights parties over the years, the venue is primed to make tomorrow's blowout one of the best yet. The Alchemist is a melting pot of sounds, flavours and cultures and is a great place to be for any occasion.

Ballantine's Stay True

Ballantine's have invested a lot of time and money into bringing the best parties together. From supporting Boiler Room tours which took place in Johannesburg and Cape Town, to their exciting True Music campaign in which they are facilitating Maya Jane Coles to collaborate with artists in South Africa. Now Ballantine's East Africa is embedding themselves deep into local music culture in Kenya and supporting the local music intiatives and culture. Keep an eye open for their future parties as they will be some of the best you'll come across.

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