For all you techno travelers out there, one Frenchman is on a mission to map out the best clubs in the world — and now he's asking for your help.

Started as a passion project a few months back by Matthieu Rodrigues, communications director for the agency festivals like Nuits Electriques and Big Festival, the map was eventually put on hold.

Though Rodrigues says he was reminded of the map after someone asked about clubbing in a foreign city on the Facebook group page PWFM.

"So I decided to make my map public and include a link for submitting new places," Rodriguez told Trax Mag.

Now his map has tallied about 170 clubs, up by 50 since he began allowing the public to submit new locations.

Though he's not just interested in the big clubs, he says, and is hoping the map eventually expands well beyond its European starting point.

“Finding the commercial clubs is pretty easy. With this map, I wanted to include other clubs with more niche programming, primarily house / techno."

"I recently had some clubs submitted from North America and Asia and that’s a great thing," Rodriguez continues. "The goal is really to expand beyond just our neighbouring countries."

To submit clubs you see missing, head here, and check out the map below.

Via Trax Mag