Stefan Goldmann’s Macro label has often been described as “the leading avant-garde techno label” in the scene. It isn’t hard to understand why. Thanks to his deeply questioning creative mind and well fortified position in the industry, Goldmann has the luxury of transforming music into art projects with an approach that explores the conceptual possibilities of techno.

Goldmann has become a crucial figure in electronic music’s campaign for high culture recognition, through showcasing his commissioned works and hosting one-off performances, which ranges from intimate solo shows at iconic venues such as Kyoto’s Honen-in Temple to large-scale compositions for music theatre, film, ensembles and dance. Stefan has also developed a special relationship with Berlin’s Berghain club since his debut there in 2006.

He conceived Berghain’s Elektroakustischer Salon nights, opening up the club to experimental formats, and writes a column for its regular programme flyer. He is also a co-author of Berghain’s 2015 book, “Art In The Club”. Despite his passion of bridging the boundaries of arts and science, this techno aficionado still feels most comfortable standing between two decks, where he communicates directly with a crowd through his innovative sounds. Check out what’s hot in his playlist this month.

Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence [Clone]

“Aleksi Perälä has developed an entire own world of building deep tracks around a specific scale of tones named Colundi sequence. It’s really fascinating, sparkling stuff. I love conceptual approaches like this one, especially if it translates so well to the dancefloor. Great material for building up energy in a set at its start or for coming back down at its end.”

Roman Flügel - Verschiebung 3 [Die Orakel]

“Roman Flügel is an incredibly versatile producer. On this record he tried running separate rhythmic layers on top of each other. It’s a pretty mind boggling experience, like a vortex in time. Again, this one is awesome for the deeper moments of a set.”

Jeff Mills - Asphyxiation [Axis]

“Back in the day Jeff Mills took techno to a whole new plateau. In my mind he and Robert Hood pretty much shaped what we consider to be the essence of this music today. With that level of achievement, it is even more incredible that he keeps going and going and going… I can never get enough of Jeff Mills, and just in time he came up with something new for us to check out together.” Check out the snippet here.

Radio Slave - Vision (Rodhad remix) [Rekids]

“Rodhad’s stuff has been part of my sets for a couple of years now, so I’m always happy when he finds the time to do a new track. With this one the beauty is in its utter simplicity.”

Vladimir Dubyshkin - For Various Reasons EP [Macro]

“Our new signing on Macro, and I feel this is a truly special find. Every now and then somebody shows us that you can probably keep reinventing techno forever. Vladimir did this to me. Although I don’t know anything else that sounds quite like this, it’s astonishing just how immediate this is. Whenever I tested this everybody just goes bonkers. In short, it’s just what I’ve been waiting for to play out – I can have up to 8 Dubyshkin tracks in one set. The tracks have ridiculously high tempos, so I have to lower it. Pitch-dark and menacing, while pushing forward with an ultra-positive manic rave feel and contaminated off-centre melodies. I’m in love.”