The Revenge’s forward thinking productions and versatility as a DJ have successfully placed him at the top of the dance music food chain. With a consistent career that spans over 15 years, the Scotsman has created many guises and collaborative efforts to feed his creative hunger, exploring the unusual, trippy realms of tech which span a timeline from retro nostalgia to cutting edge.

He has churned out two full-length albums under the 6th Borough Project banner alongside veteran Edinburgh DJ Craig Smith; the duo were rewarded with a nomination for Scottish Album Of The Year. His productions as a solo artist can be found on some of the most prolific record labels DFA, Pokerflat, Needwant, My Favorite Robot and his currently defunct label, Instruments Of Rapture. His new label, Roar Groove, now works as a platform for him and his artists to showcase a wide range of vocals, dubs and tempos.

The Revenge gives us a taste of his stellar DJ sets with these five dark grooves, handpicked to get us through the weekend.

Luca Lozano - No Team In Lozano
“Am a big fan of Luca’s. His tracks are always retro-tinged but are still futuristic and otherworldly. Always has a first class bass line too.”

Bwana - Generation Nostalgia  
“I have been playing out a lot of Bwana’s stuff lately. Killer grooves and spaced-out rave-ness.”

King Britt pres. Oba Funke - Uzoamaka (SBTH Remix)
“Superb deep and tripped out African vibes on this one. Sucks you right in as it builds and builds.”

General Ludd - Brilliant Blue

“A bit wonky, a bit funky and very meaty. Heavy jam on Mister Saturday Night’s label.”

Kornél Kovacs - Josey’s Tune

“Infectious as hell and never fails. Big ups Studio Barnhus.”

The Revenge will be the decks of WOOBAR for W Bali Presents Session ft The Revenge on November 27th , 2016.