Longtime Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann has mixed the latest DJ-Kicks compilation, which is available for stream ahead of tomorrow's release date.

Known for his powerful techno sets at his home club and beyond, the DJ-Kicks mix showcases his more reflective side, cutting through several genres across 20 tracks in just over an hour.

Dettmann explains in a press release that the mix is a "lost and found story — I can draw from 25 years of collecting records, digging deep, revisiting, researching.”

"When it came to the DJ-Kicks mix, I was sitting for weeks in my music room at home listening to records, sometimes together with the kids, editing, researching, playing games… it turned out as a good combination to be at home with the family whilst working on this music project. I was listening to a lot of music which is great, music that I hadn’t listened to for ages and certainly wouldn’t have played in a club set.”

Marcel Dettmann's DJ-Kicks will be released tomorrow, October 14th on !K7 Records.

Stream and pre-order the mix here