Melbourne leads the way once more, announcing the return of the completely self sufficient, zero waste, solar powered music, art and technology festival, Off The Grid. After the success of its inaugural event last year, Off The Grid will once more take residence in Melbourne’s ACCA Forecourt in Southbank on the summer solstice to celebrate a future which organisers hope is not so far off as you might think.

Throughout the day and night the festival will feature local music, art, food and performance - all powered by renewable energy, using recyclable or biodegradable materials and with 100% of profits going directly into a local solar project designed to advance Melbourne’s trajectory toward self sufficiency.

The first round line-up has been announced and features No-Zu, Andras, Tako, Chunky Move (dance), The Senegambian Jazz Band and more performing from the five metre high solar powered stage on the 21st of December, when the sun is at its highest point in the year.

It’s a fantastic initiative, a lovely day out and and hopefully the first of many festivals of its kind in Australia. Check out the 2015 aftermovie below and find out more here.