Do you ever wonder what your favorite DJs get up to when they're not on stage performing? Did you ever consider that they may be a potentially murderous psycopath or a patsy in some worldwide conspiracy to control the minds of the youth? Nah. Me neither. 

Introducing The Red Man, a movie prodiced by Canadian techno veteran John Acquaviva and scored by Olivier Giacomotto. 

The film revolves around a DJ named Eddie "Go" Gough, who has stopped taking his crazy pills and his now having violent dreams come to reality before his eyes. The suspense builds as he investigates his bizarre situation while trying to continue his life as a longshirt wearing, bald techno DJ, but all hell breaks loose when he finds himself in the middle of a worldwide conspiracy that involves mind control and evil, evil men. 

Check out the trailer:  

Although we can't assure that the movie will be any good, it's fair to assume it's going to be better than the likes of We Are Your Friends. At least this one will feature some gore in the plot as well as in the reviews. Zing! 

The Red Man comes out October 25th, just in time for Halloween, so maybe zombie murderer DJ is a good shout for a costume this year.