Cops have siezed more than €300k in cash from Amnesia Ibiza owner Martin Ferrer.

The cash was taken out of safety deposit boxes belonging to Ferrer by the Civil Guard yesterday by court order, according to Diario De Ibiza.

The seizure is the latest in an ongoing tax fraud and money laundering investigation that began dramatically earlier this summer, when police swooped in by helicopter in July 5th a raid on the club.

In that instance, cops found €2 million in cash hidden throughout the club, bringing the total seized to €2.2 million in the investigation so far.

Authorities have known about the three safety deposit boxes, which includes one box stored on a boat belonging to Ferrer that was discovered to be empty, since the initial raid in July. Though it was just yesterday that a judge gave the order to seize the cash so that it could be recorded in court, Diario De Ibiza reports.

Martin Ferrer was arrested in the initial raid, along with three other men — artistic director Marti Ferrer, business manager David de Felipe and accountant Vicente Pérez de Montis — though are all currently out on bail.

San Antonio police revoked Amnesia Ibiza’s late licence for Saturday's closing party this week, after “repeated failure” of the club to close on time following the weekend's Music On closing parties.