Streaming giant Spotify has released its highest globally streamed tracks of the Summer, and the ranking is full of dance music––Maybe not the dance music you'd be caught listening to, but hey, at least the normals are getting their groove on.

In case you weren't already aware, Canadian R&B singer, er, rapper, er, talker Drake has enjoyed an absolutely massive warm season, with both "One Dance" and "Too Good" ubiquitous on the radio and even moreso on streaming platforms. Drake may have singlehandedly saved the genre of moombahton by mistake with the beat of the former tune.

Rihanna makes it onto the list twice with high-profile features, one with EDM superhero Calvin Harris––who recently stated that he will no longer be making albums, only singles. Sounds like a plan. Sia follows up a string of smashes with "Cheap Thrills," a pop-tune with Sean Paul that sounds like her trying to make a tune that sounds like every other fucking thing on the radio. 

Grouchy crooner Mike Posner's "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" takes the absolutely fucking rinsed template of tropical-house-pop-crossover to new heights and lands a spot int he top 10, while "Selfie" weilding Chainsmokers also make it to the top five. The duo hinted today on Instagram about a potential new collaboration with Coldplay, which will have basic bitches everywhere wetting themselves with sheer glee. 

Elsewhere is some mumble rap, some melodramatic pop, and a funky Justin Timberlake comeback. Last year's big winner was "Lean On," a crossover dance hit by Major Lazer and co, and a peruse through this list suggests that pop music remains in the same state of purgatory as it did last year––There's lots of dance muisc influence all over the pop world, but by the time it makes it to the charts, it's usually hidden beneath so many layers of sugarry pap that we can't even claim it as dance music. 

Do you like any of these songs? 

Spotify’s Global Top 10 Songs of the Summer:

10. Shawn Mendes – “Treat You Better”
9. Mike Posner – “I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)”
8. Fifth Harmony – “Work From Home (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)”
7. Desiigner – “Panda”
6. Drake – Too Good (ft. Rihanna)”
5. Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”
4. The Chainsmokers – “Don’t Let Me Down (ft. Daya)”
3. Sia – “Cheap Thrills”
2. Calvin Harris – “This Is What You Came For (ft. Rihanna)”
1. Drake – “One Dance (ft. WizKid and Kyla)”