Moby published a video teaser of his new album, which is expected to be released in October.

Dubbed These Systems Are Failing, the video clip sends a strong political message, starting with Moby dragging a mic from a small street to a forest, while saying “these systems are failing.” Then as soon as the music begins, the video shows footage of the abandoned town of Chernobyl, along with production plants, Black Friday frenzy, Donald Trump and The Jerry Springer Show.

Though the New York artist has a dozen of albums under his belt, he posted the video on Facebook with the tagline “debut album soon”, suggesting that it might be released by his new project, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir.

When talking about the new record to Al Jazeera in 2015, Moby said “it's like new wave dance music. It's sort of New Order inspired, a little Depeche Mode inspired.”

Watch the These Systems Are Failing teaser below. 

Via Mixmag