One of South Africa's brightest kwaito stars, Mandoza, has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently fighting for his life. A close friend of the Nkalakatha rapper, producer Gabi Le Roux, updated concerned fans about his status via Facebook, with some vital information and his thoughts about the situation.

This followed the shocking news on Tuesday that cancer had metastasized in Mandoza's brain. In a post on Facebook, he stated: “A great Son of our Mzansi Soil is in trouble. Mandoza is fighting for his life after having cancer treatment in 2015; it has unfortunately metastasized to his brain. Doctors and medical staff are trying whatever they can, and we are not giving up hope for his recovery. Mpho and the Tshabalala Family has asked all his Friends and Fans to Pray for him, beckon the Ancestors and keep him in your thoughts during this time. Please also be respectful and discreet in how you react to this announcement. Thanks”

Today, he stated that Mandoza's condition is serious but not critical, and that he is at home and on a good diet with treatment in place. He also said Mandoza cannot see at this stage, but he can walk around easily with guidance. He continued stating Mandoza is determined to make an appearance at the "100 Artists for R100" Event at Orlando Stadium this Saturday (accompanied by General GTZ), but finally: "Please do not speculate or demand any further details. Simply keep him in your thoughts and prayers, we are all still hopeful for a full recovery! Thanks, G.”

Mandoza was confirmed to have squamous cell carcinoma in June last year. This particular strain of cancer affects the epidermis and squamous cells of the skin and is one of the major forms of skin cancer. The strain is usually found in persons over the age of 50 and is twice as prevalent in men, but is also more likely to form in lighter skinned persons. The development of cancer from the skin to the brain is a horrible discovery for Mandoza and his family, and we urge our readers to keep one of our beloved kwaito stars in your thoughts and prayers.