With the spring season finally underway, many promoters are gearing up to bring together the best elements of a memorable party. This is always an intense process that takes a lot of knowledge of the scene, the audiences and of the best venues on offer.

This season sees a new brand enter the market in Cape Town by the name of Our House, a party held by Be Soulful Productions owner Byron Lambrechs at the new hotspot, Woodstock Brewery. The venue itself houses the Fomo Friday parties as well as an array of other events such as Prism and various beer tasting and brewing events.

Our House has pulled together an epic lineup of DJs at this awesome venue, for a night of top-class house music. The lineup includes local stalwarts Erefaan Pearce, Leighton Moody, Pierre Estienne and Dino Moran, as well as Douglas Olsson & Miss CJ, Roger D'lux, Blake Wilkins and Be Soulful's own, Byron "B Soulful" Lambrechs. We took some time to chat with Byron to get some insight into this exciting new party brand to land in Cape Town.
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What's your background in the music industry? - Well, music has always been a passion of mine from a very young age. But it all really started for me when I started working at H20, Sutra and Nicci Beach in Johannesburg. My love for electronic music grew immensely during that time. Not long after working in the industry for a good few years I felt the need to start playing music and doing events.

What made you start the event? - I’ve been involved in the event industry for a few years now in my hometown JHB. I then decided to move to Cape Town for a new adventure. I’ve been living in Cape Town for the past 2 and a half years now checking out the music scene, and I just felt that it was the right time to follow my dreams and passion for dance music.

What is Our House all about? - Our House is brought to you by Be Soulful Productions. It’s a deep house/tech house/techno showcase that is going to take Cape Town by storm. We have selected our DJ line up very carefully; this lineup will excite the audio senses and make us all realise that good underground music is around and very much alive. We emphasise on great production, including international standard sound system and lighting.

How did you select the DJs for the lineup? - I personally love deep house music it’s my favourite genre. We chose this line-up because we believe that this is the perfect line up for our very first event. We know that all the artists will feed off each other and create the most amazing story to be told by MUSIC from the beginning to the end. The journey from all the artists will be remembered forever.

What are some good and bad things you've noticed in the dance music scene in South Africa? - This is an interesting question, and a lot can be said, but I’m going to get straight to the point. I feel that SA is full of amazing and talented artists, the only thing is that we don’t support each other in the industry. If we as DJs /artists all stuck together and supported each other, I think our industry would grow from strength to strength.

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How do you think the scene can improve? - The scene can simply be improved if it wasn’t a competition between everyone. If everyone stayed humble and true to the industry and the music we can all go far.

What does dance music represent for you? - Dance music for me is a beautiful story. It creates emotions in people no matter what the mood. Dance music is made to accompany dancing and create a happy vibe. It can mean different things to different people. Music is something that feeds the soul; you can feel it. Music has the power to make us smile; it can carry us back in time and inspire us to dance in the moment.

What's your favourite track at the moment?
- My favourite track at the moment is called Personal Space By Yotto. It's difficult to say as there is so much music out there.

What are you most looking forward to for the coming season? - This coming season I’m looking forward to all the festivals and all the international and local talent that our country has to offer and of course what Be Soulful Productions has in store.

Where can we catch you in the future? - You can keep up to date with all our events on our Facebook page under Be Soulful Productions as for myself you can also find me on Facebook under Byron B-Soulful and Instagram Byron_bsoulful.

Catch this mammoth lineup of DJs at Woodstock Brewery on Saturday 3rd September for a soul shakedown of note. Tickets available from Nutickets.

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