As South African's across the country celebrated Heritage Day, some unlucky few ended their evening in the hospital after an event in Johannesburg's prime area of Sandton was marred by violent fights, stabbings and even accusations of bouncer brutality.

Sounds Like Summer which took place yesterday was set to be a celebratory day out welcoming in the new season and featured a line-up that included some of South Africa's finest artists across electronic music and hip hop.Initial reports on social media indicated that a group of a few rather unruly intoxicated men had altercations with another group that eventually broke out into four violent fights across the main floor area.

Social media reports included accusations of brutality by security bouncers as well stabbings and the lack of paramedic presence while it is still uncertain who stabbed whom and if indeed it was by bouncers video clips that surfaced on social media certainly show bouncers expressing highly aggressive behaviour in attempting to stop the situation. 

This incident certainly opens up the conversation regarding the standard of event security and safety measures in South Africa, as police conduct an investigation.The event was called off with four hours to go in it's running time with several major artists having to cancel their sets. The organisers of Sounds Like Summer who had all the required clearances to host this event issued this statement:

Source: (TheKlique)