The burgeoning techno scene in Cape Town has continued to impress since the turn of the century and has seen many of the world's best DJ and producers play to pack out gigs in the many clubs around the city. In an aid to push the scene to the next level, a new player has entered the game, bringing a fresh concept to an untouched venue for the many techno fans in the Cape. The name of the new party brand is Future Frequency Festival, and they have been welcomed with open arms to add to an already thriving dance music scene.

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So what makes this party so different you ask? We've seen many internationals flock to the Mother City and embrace the hordes with their world-class music. But with a limited number of quality venues in Cape Town these experiences are usually had in the same few clubs. Week in and week out, Cape Townians are treated to international DJs, so how do you make an impact with a new party that shakes the scene from top to bottom?

Enter Future Frequency. Their decision to host their launch party at a container yard in the city is an exciting idea, bringing the old-school warehouse experience to an inner city, outdoor venue. What will seem similar to the ever-popular Grietfest, the container yard brings a raw and rustic element to the event, giving the music and the DJs all the attention they deserve. Speaking of world-class DJs, FFF have booked live raw techno trio Agents Of Time as well as British powerhouse Third Son, to play at their inaugural event. We chatted with Wes Billet, one of the organisors of Future Frequency Festival, to find out more about this progressive concept.

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With so many festivals happening in the summer season, why are you guys doing this event? - We’re launching Future Frequency Festival (FFF) because we believe it's a unique concept that the local festival circuit is missing and one that we personally wish existed. Our music direction, concept and venue is vastly different to anything in the current Cape Town festival market, and we believe that festival goers will find this uniquely refreshing!

You have chosen a unique venue for your festival, why did you decide to go with the container yard? - We wanted a container yard to house the festival as we believe its raw, industrial landscape will compliment our hi-tech music lineup in an incredible fashion. We’re also the first festival brand in Cape Town to use a venue of this nature, which is something we’re extremely excited about as it means we can create a unique experience that is unlike anything the city’s scene has to offer.

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How did you come up with the name Future Frequency Festival? - The name came directly from our concept which is essentially based around being an avant-garde, forward thinking electronic music festival that showcases hi-tech music in low-tech settings. We aim to draw an interesting contrast between the sounds of tomorrow and the aesthetics of the present.

You have decided to run with a meat-free ethos for your festival, a bold move. Why go meat-free? - As a ‘future’-forward thinking festival, we believe it's our duty to push the boundaries and ask the right questions. To be truly future orientated, we need to use our platform to bring about positive change and awareness. We all know meat production is one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, and as a festival, we would like to do our bit to kerb that as best we can, and we hope other festivals follow suit. This is only the start of moves towards being a socially and environmentally responsible festival brand. More will follow...

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How often will the event be held? - Future Frequency will be a bi-yearly event taking place in November and March.

You have announced two massive headliners on the lineup, what made you choose Agents of time and Third Son for the festival? - We chose both acts as we believe they encompass the sound that we’re trying to push and because we're confident that they are authentically pushing the boundaries in the international electronic music scene respectively.

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Agents Of Time

You guys will be partnering with Cape Town club ERA for the launch festival, what is the tactic behind being affiliated with clubs? - We’re trying to create a truly inclusive event that shows off various aspects of Cape Town’s local electronic music scene. In the future, we envision a full weekend festival that includes various venues across the city of Cape Town.

We also aim to create a space and time for all the local promoters that we feel are really pushing an authentic movement and sound to showcase what they are doing. In essence, we hope that in the years to come, FFF can create a multi-venue showcase of the best that the local scene has to offer while including international headliners that are true masters of their art! We want FFF to push the boundaries in every way possible.

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