Cape Town based electronic music label Do Work Records have stepped up to drop their first compilation since their inception in 2013. Fronted by Das Kapital, the label has birthed a handful of top class artists from its stable and are continuing their push into the upper echelons of the international dance music industry. The much-anticipated compilation titled Overtime covers a handful of tracks from the various artists on the label. From trap to tech-house and straight techno, the compilation has something for everyone; all with its own unique Do Work signature.

Overtime kicks off with D_Know's techno stomper Nowcheckit, opening the compilation with a bang. The warehouse ratting kick drum slams into your face 30 seconds into the track, with morphing synth stabs covering the soundscape. It's a peak time belter that will get any dark room heaving into the early hours of the morning.

Action Figure takes charge of the second track of the compilation, with a ballsy, grinding track of note. It's hard to put your finger on what genre it is, although Beatport seems to think it's house (it's not). Traces of moombahton rhythms with some sort of dub influence pushes the song steady to its multi-leveled drops before the track drops into a bass-heavy crescendo. It's a rapid-fire explosion of distorted sounds and digitised textures, packaged in a complex assault on the ear drums. F*cking mental!

Trap God RVWR offers up a funky combination of various genres, which is best to be called bass-music, in the form of Touch Me. RVWR's signature use of the 808 drum-kit is evident as always, thrown out in juke, footwork and trap variations throughout the track. Clever use of synth-scratching as the lead synth over the track gives the song a playful quirkiness while sitting top of the domineering rhythm section.

Things get ominous and dark by the fourth track by Hendrik Joerges. Swamp drags a demented lead synth and bassline through the mud and dirties up the entire track, leaving you feeling like you need to clean yourself up by the time its done. The grimy modulated synth gets under your skin, but the definite UK influence of the drum patterns allows you to bop your head to this immersive bassline track. Play it loud!

Head-honcho Das Kapital makes his first and only appearance on Overtime with Do Azid. While were pretty certain Azid is a play on "acid" and not the name of Das' Malaysian friend; the fifth track pushes things back into hyperdrive with a full-on dancefloor workout and groovy little augmented sub-bass pattern. The lead bass synth comes screaming out of the TB-303 that it birthed from, melting your synapses and making sure the trip has set in nicely. But Das' signature glitches and synth FX gives just enough stimuli to bring you back to consciousness so that you can wipe the froth coming out of your mouth.

Garcon and WezKez bring some summer vibes to the compilation, with their feel-good break and bass-heavy drop on Feelin Me. The square bassline and blissful chords contrast one another beautifully, bringing together everything you need for a summer-time anthem. Timeless stuff right here.

Further down the line Phizicist and FRQNT have put together a breakbeat/trip-hop tune that will strike a smile on your face. The track's called Sammiches and it holds down a solid groove over the light-hearted love song to FRQNT's favourite food. It's a refreshing pit-stop in the album and is a reminder that not all music needs to be deadly serious. Beware, Sammiches is an ear worm and will get stuck in your head for days.

The 15-track EP is a great milestone for the label and showcases the multitude of talent on their roster. It is also a great signifier of where producers in South Africa are at right now and is a great listen from start to finish. You can grab Das Kapital Presents Overtime on Do Work Records from Beatport.

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