"This teenage partygoer is sucking computer cleaner!" begins one 1993 news report on the phenomenon of "ditch parties" in Los Angeles. Kids from high schools all over LA would skip school and party to house and hip-hop in backyards and dingy rooms all over the city. The report claims that there were almost 50 of such parties a day taking place in and around LA, all promoted through flyers and word-of-mouth. 

Elsewhere, reports on the "desert rave scene" from the same time period show scenes from a 5000-strong new moon party in the Mojave desert, which the reporters jokingly refer to as "Like Woodstock, but with worse music." Meanwhile, San Bernadino's cuture of young hispanic kids partying to house-music was referred to as the "Rebel Scene," in which seemingly everyone was part of a crew with names like "Unpredictable Ladies" and "Evil Kids." Concurrent to all this, gang culture and graffiti posses also played a tangential role in the culture of dance music in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. It all paints a vibrant and unique picture of Los Angeles during that time priod. 

Reports on underground party and dance music culture from this period are like a portal into the past and an illuminating study of how much things have changed, while staying exactly the same. 

Check out some of our favorites...

"New Moon Gathering," 1995



"Old Skool Ditch Parties," 1993 



"Party Girl Crews of LA," mid-90s


"Tagging Crews and Renegade Parties," early 90s


"San Bernadino Rebel Party Scene," early 1990s 


"Ditch Parties in Lynwood," 1993