On Saturday, July 16th, Sweatbox hosted a special event headlined by legendary Malaysian DJ, Terence C at Elysium, Kuala Lumpur. A prolific artist in his own rights, Terence has been at it for close to two decades. This year, he decided to break his own record by spinning a non-stop 9-hour set. It is a feat that no other Malaysian DJ has attempted to achieve.

This crazy idea first came to mind because Terence felt that he wasn’t getting enough play time in Shanghai, where he is currently residing. “Most gigs I play in Shanghai are mainly an hour or two sets, and I have so much new music to play that I don't think the duration given to will ever be enough,” he says.

Although the idea of spinning a 9-hour set might be daunting to some, it was a challenge that Terence was prepared for. “I made sure that I had all the tracks I wanted to play on my pen drive and created two playlists that made it easier for me to select the tracks that I needed to play.”

“I play accordingly to the vibe and energy that I get from the crowd in the club. It’s really pointless to plan a set and then when things don't work, you need to change,” Terence elaborates. He prefers to start his sets slow, and easy, and build the night according to his own pace to take his audience on a great journey.

Playing a 9-hour set can be physically draining, but Terence has his own ways of surviving such a session. “Don't overdo your drinks. I just discovered this during this set. Try not to jump or make too many big movements or intensive dancing because that will tire you out. You will feel the sore in your legs after you’re done. Drink as much water, and keep light snacks like bananas or energy bars with you if possible.”

Listen to Terence C’s record breaking winning moment below, and if you’re interested in the tracks he played, you can check out the tracklist here.